Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the Prodigy services?  

Prodigy platform services are supported by Pedigri Technologies Solutions to provide convenient, faster and efficient customer care solutions to various mobile phone/ IT brands. We offer customer care solutions through a network of convenient collection points in UAE market. Customers can drop off/ pick up the devices through any convenient collection point closer to their home/ office 

2) What are the Brands currently supported through Prodigy platform?

Currently we are supporting HUAWEI, SONY, ALCATEL, CATERPILLAR & Data products, Porsche Design Mobile products

3) Where do I drop my handset for repairs?

Prodigy services are linked with most of the Key retailers and few service collection points in the UAE market. A network of 230 collection points across UAE market can accept the devices from you. You may return your defective device to the same retailer you purchased and majority of the electronic products retailers in the UAE market are linked with Prodigy platform services. For more details of drop off points please contact your manufacturer’s call center or visit our web site  or contact us or call 04-3350990.

4) Will I get an acknowledgement slip upon submitting the device in any of these collection points?

All our collection points partners are linked with our web platform and upon submission of devices you will be provided with “Pedigri Technologies acknowledgement slip” with all relevant details related to the services from Pedigri Technologies Solutions

5) What are the working timings of these collection points?

Most of the collection points are inside the shopping malls and they are open till 10:00 pm during the working days. Please visit our web site for more details

6) Can Pedigri Technologies collect the device from my home/ office for service?

This is possible. It will be a paid service and an additional amount will be charged for the direct home/ office delivery. Please visit our web site for details

7) What happens to my data inside the mobile device?

We strongly recommend you to copy the required data (contacts/ photos/SMS/ any applications data etc.) before submitting the device for repairs. During the repairs we may have to upgrade the firmware of the device and all stored data can be lost during this process. For your privacy and security reasons we recommend you to back up the data and erase it completely from the device before handing over to the collection points for repairs. Pedigri Technologies will not be responsible for any data loss during the repair process and no claims can be made at any stage

8) Why should I “SMS” the CRN number as mentioned in the acknowledgement slip?

Prodigy platform offer high end technology solutions for the convenience of our customers. Upon receiving the acknowledgement slip if you SMS the CRN number then the system will automatically update you the status of your device at each stage through SMS/e-mail, which will provide complete visibility and avoid telephone calls and coordination (e.g. Repair estimation details; Notification to pick up the device from collection points once it is ready etc.)

9) How can I track the status of my device?

You can visit our web site to track the status online or SMS your CRN number to +971503696889 and you will be notified with current status of the device

10) Can I have a standby phone while I am sending my phone for repairs?

We can provide you a standby phone (same model or lower version model depending on the availability) based upon your request. Please contact us on or call 04-3350990 with your requirements and additional charges will be applicable for this service

11) If there is repair estimation then how do I get notified?

If there is repair estimation, it will be notified through e-mail/ SMS to the contact details you have provided

12) How can I view the details of the repair estimation?

You can visit our web site to view the details of the repair estimation including the pictures related to the failure

13) How do I “approve” or “reject” the repair estimation?

You can “approve” or “reject” the repair estimation by visiting our web site

14) How can I pay for my non-warranty repairs?
You can pay the repairs through our online payment gateway. Please visit our web site for details

15) If I do not wish to pay the repair estimate charges through online payment gateway then can I pay the amount directly to Pedigri Technologies?

This is possible. Please contact us mentioning your CRN number and one of our customer care executives will contact you to assist further

16) Who should I call to check the delivery status of my device?

You will be notified through SMS/e-mail automatically the availability of the device in the collection point once it is ready to pick up

17) If I lost the acknowledgement copy, how can I collect the device from collection point?

For security reasons normally collection points deliver the device only against the submission of original acknowledgement copy. If you lost the acknowledgement then you will have to produce the ID card copy (same as the customer submitted the device) and sign the declaration to collect the device from collection points

18) Can you deliver the device to my home/ office after the repairs?

This is possible. It will be a paid service and an additional amount will be charged for the direct home/ office delivery. Please visit our web site for details

19) What is the warranty I can get on my repairs?

We offer 90 days warranty against workmanship and the specific parts used for the repairs you already paid

20) In an emergency situation, how can I get urgent repair support or direct home/ office- collection/delivery services?

This is possible. Please contact us on or call 04-3350990 with your exact requirements and price quotes for additional service charges

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